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We offer State-of-the-art Systems

We specialize in the installation of high quality camera systems produced by FLIR, giving your company eyes in the dark that are unparalleled by any other camera systems.

Lorex Camera Systems

These cameras supported by a high speed NVR (Network Video Recorder) provide crystal clear quality to ensure you can identify and report to law enforcement in the event of an external or internal threat.

Remote Access

FLIR Lorex systems have the ability to be viewed and controlled remotely, limiting the need for an onsite security officer or an employee to monitor the system.

Additional Services

The system is expandable to accomodate Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras, wireless cameras, wired microphones, expandable storage via the FLIR Cloud system and so many more options.



Initial Evaluation

One of our professional team members will visit your facility to evaluate any current or exsisting systems, determine the highest level of coverage to ensure the new system will address any and all blind spots.


System Design

We will take the information back to our office for a review, and make recommendations of the design and layout of your new system.



Once our team has deployed your new system we will train your staff on the systems operation and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.


System support

We stand by our products and services, we will register your warranty information for you and check back periodically on the system to make sure it is functioning to meet your needs.

Current Systems Deployed

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    FLIR Lorex Camera System

    Day/Night FLIR Camera

    Experience surveillance video that leaves nothing to the imagination. Lorex's full line of robust, full 1080p HD IP cameras are designed for use with our professional-grade NVR systems. They will deliver high-quality video with smooth 30 frames-per-second (fps) on-screen movement that doesn't miss a beat.

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    Virtual Security

    Watchguard Firebox

    Fastest tabletop throughput – necessary for sites with over 50 employees or busy, high user traffic locations such as retail shops and hotels. Two Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports are ideal for adding Wi-Fi access points.

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    Physical Lock

    MAS Hamilton X-07

    Government requirements and innovative engineering produced a safe lock in 1992 called the X-07. A ground-breaking feature of the X-07 was that unlocking was accomplished electronically but the X-07 has no batteries or dependency on an outside connection to a power source. The first rotations of the dial generate enough power to operate the lock.

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